• Shooting is NOT a Philosophy or an Art.... It's a Proven Science!

    “Shooting Scientist” John Webber and creator of “THE SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN PERFECT SHOT”, DISGUISED DRIBBLE MOVES and CGA’s STEPS TO SUCCESS, trains all levels of athletes. Coach Webber incorporates physics and exercise science into the foundation of what every great basketball player shares... FUNDAMENTALS. 

    • Professional Players

      Contract potential and longevity in the NBA comes from improvement and ability to make shots. Scoring, set shots or making free throws at a percent will make you a liable option for a long time. Improvement of your percentages is a call away...

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      Professional Players

      Coach Webber is revolutionizing the way the game of basketball looks at shooting. His approach is that of a Shot Whisperer, gently tweaking the fine details of a shot that he has studied for decades.

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    • "Coach Webber has done great things for our college players and their personal development. He understands players and can communicate effectively to get the best out of them. His attention to detail is what allows him to take players to the next level. Whether he gets back into coaching a team or trains players through his company, he is a great hire and will succeed in what he does. I would highly recommend Coach Webber, regardless of what level you are learning to play at."

      Coach Tom Kropp - NBA Veteran, UNK Head Men's Basketball Coach

    • The shooting technique that I teach is not merely a philosophy--I take proven scientific fact and incorporate it into the basketball shot.  Many facets of the game utilize philosophy--like what offense or defense to run, or the best way to rebound--but shooting is NOT one of them.


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    • "I have been coaching basketball for 20yrs. During that time I have purchased many videos and attended clinics on basketball fundamentals and seen many things recycled and repackaged. I am most impressed by Coach Webber and his knowledge and instruction of these skills. His basketball IQ, teaching ability and work ethic are exemplary. He has the ability to coach beginning youth players as well as elite players looking to reach the next level. We will continue to use Coach Webber as a valuable resource for our program!"

      Head Varsity Boy's Coach Wade Grinde Spring Grove, MN

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